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Cutty Sark's History

Recently, the Cutty Sark - one of the famous marine boat in the world of England - was on display again for the public as part of a series of cultural events serve Summer Olympics 2012 in London.
Situated on the banks of the Thames River in the city of Greenwich, the Cutty Sark is the boat used to transport tea from China to Britain in the late 19th century it was exhibited again on the occasion of the 60th celebration ceremony diamond the reign of Queen Elizabeth II after closing in 2006 restored. The boat artifacts related to Cutty Sark, including items of merchants, the images carved on the prow also exhibited. Also, inside the boat there are many computer screens vocational introduce tea in China, the entire shipping process tea as well as the effects of tea on food culture in the UK.

Model ship Cutty Sark

To commemonrate this legendary ship, we have built the ship that, was made of wood a hundred percent. Its sail was consisted of fabric, gun and table of name were made of bronze. All the smallest details of the ship was cut an put together by hand just like a real ship. It takes hudreds hours to make the product which has beautiful style and high quality. Thiswooden model cutty sarkis stored in carton, so it’s easy to preserve and carry. There are 3 size: 60cm, 80cm, 100cm...and we can build the ship according to custormer’s request.

Feng shui in the exhibition of the model of Cutty Sark boat

According to Chinese feng shui, Cutty Sark is symbolic of wind and water. When showing, the head of Sailing boatshould be put toward
turning inside the store, office or house in order to bring in lucky thing, money and perquisite. You shouldn’t put it toward turning outside door which may bring good fortune out. You can refer to similar models which bring prosperity, good luck as Soleil Royal, Victory ...


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